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About Periodontal Disease

Image of a woman experiencing pain in her mouth, due to gum disease at Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston. Periodontal disease, frequently called gum disease, is a condition that affects the health of your gum tissues, your teeth, and your jawbone. It can even affect your whole-body health by contributing to conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. When it first starts, however, the symptoms are subtle, and often go unnoticed. As the disease continues to progress, your gums recede, and your teeth become loose. Ultimately, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss. At Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston, we can diagnose periodontal disease and assess the extent of the damage to provide you with the most effective treatment plan for you.

What Causes Periodontal Disease?

There are several different issues that can lead to periodontal disease. These include:
•  Poor oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing, along with dental cleanings and exams, is essential for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Even if you only sometimes skip out on the part of your care routine, a buildup of plaque and bacteria can accumulate.
•  Alignment issues. Crooked teeth make it harder to properly clean your teeth, creating ideal hiding places for plaque and bacteria.
•  Smoking or using other types of tobacco products. Smoking slows the blood flow and limits oxygen in your blood. Slower blood flow can slow the delivery of important nutrients.
•  Dry mouth. Dry mouth is a condition in which there is insufficient saliva in your mouth. In this state, your mouth is a perfect location for bacterial growth. Dry mouth can be caused by heavy drinking, certain types of medications, and certain medical conditions.
•  Hormonal changes.
•  Nutritional deficiencies.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Symptoms of periodontal disease vary based on the severity of your condition. These symptoms include:
•  Redness and swelling. Red, swollen gums are usually the earliest symptoms of periodontal disease. They can be difficult to detect early on.
•  Bleeding gums when you brush and floss your teeth.
•  Your gums begin to recede, which can cause your teeth to look long.
•  Small spaces start to appear between your teeth.
•  The roots of your teeth may become exposed, which can cause tooth sensitivity.
•  Your teeth become loose and start to shift.
•  Tooth loss.

Treating Periodontal Disease

A thorough oral exam is performed to diagnose the presence of periodontal disease. Along with visually looking over your gum tissue, we also take digital X-rays, which enable us to see any damage to the areas below your gum line. These images will help us to assess the extent of the damage and provide you with the most effective treatment plan. Treatments for periodontal disease include:
•  Scaling and root planing. This is a deep cleaning of your teeth that involves cleaning the surfaces both above and below the gum line.
•  Laser therapy. With a laser, we can remove infected gum tissue, which makes scaling and root planing easier. It can also be used to kill bacteria and disinfect periodontal pockets.
•  Pocket reduction surgery. This procedure is performed when your periodontal pockets are too deep to effectively clean with scaling and root planing.
•  Soft tissue grafting. A soft tissue graft restores a healthy, natural gum line after gum recession.
•  Bone grafting. A bone graft restores lost bone mass in your jaw. It is typically performed before dental implants.

If you suspect periodontal disease, no matter how minor the symptoms may seem, it is essential to seek treatment right away. Call Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston today at 713-785-9599 to schedule your appointment.

Looking forward to giving you a healthy and happy smile!

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