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Mouth Body Connection

A woman smiling and holding a felt heartThe most common cause of tooth loss is gum disease. In its early stages, harmful bacteria gather around beneath the gums and cause a dangerous infection called gingivitis. That makes the affected area red and swollen. The tiny ulcerations in the gums can enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body, causing other diseases such as diabetes.

Many patients have to come back to our office Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston every year for oral cleansing without any improvement in the bleeding. However, an in-depth cleaning with one of our doctors can heal the infected tissues, keeping a healthy balance. For the right treatment, you have to make sure to visit our office whenever scheduled.

The Health Risks

As the gum disease spreads, it starts to destroy the bones and tissues supporting the teeth. This kind of infection calls for immediate treatment as it results in tooth loss. Bacteria keep entering the bloodstream and can affect your heart and other areas.

Our white blood cells are responsible for fighting the bacteria, and since the chemicals they release enter the bloodstream, they increase the risk of problems such as some cancers, low weight babies for pregnant women, and heart problems.

Mouth and Body

Periodontitis or gum disease is an oral problem that only our expert dentists can treat. That is because the bacteria are pathogenic, and it travels throughout the body from the oral cavity causing many diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and arthritis. You are at risk if your gums have started to bleed.

As bacteria start to gather around and stick to the tooth surface, they form a durable, sticky, reef-like colony. The biofilm is left untouched, but a group of virulent, anaerobic species emerges that manage to bump the host immune-inflammatory processes.

These bacteria are indeed lethal and a leading cause of periodontitis. However, the most modifying risk factors are also big cofactors that strengthen the extent of the disease. The immune response system produces anti-inflammatory substances, and the released chemicals find their way into different parts of the body. These anti-inflammatory chemicals are responsible for triggering systemic illnesses in the body, such as cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. As the stages of gum disease continue to elevate in the mouth, gums bleed and open pathways for bacteria to seep inside the bloodstream and travel throughout the body. The entry of bacteria into the bloodstream stimulates the white blood cells to release chemicals fighting the pathogens. However, the same chemicals are responsible for damaging healthy tissue

What Can be Done?

A new approach must be taken to control and treat gingivitis and periodontitis. Our doctors need to make an accurate diagnosis on your specific condition to bring out the right treatment methods for oral infections such as gum disease. If you are living with osteoporosis and experiencing bleeding gums, please discuss your situation by visiting Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston or calling on the number 713-785-9599 to book a one-on-one consultation. We can assist with a preventative plan and home routine to reduce the effect or chances of periodontitis. Perfect oral health for your clients is our top priority.

Looking forward to giving you a healthy and happy smile!

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