Laser Dentistry / Laser Periodontics

Leading Innovation for Non-Surgical Solutions

If the thought of undergoing dental surgery has led you to avoid the periodontal treatment that has been recommended for you, then you will be pleased to learn about the benefits of periodontal laser therapy. State-of-the-art periodontal laser therapy provides an innovative alternative to conventional, more invasive surgeries.  It’s a surgical option that is comfortable and extremely gentle, requiring a shorter recovery time than the traditional forms of gum surgery.

Lasers Make the Difference

Unlike conventional forms of gum surgery which often involves the use of a scalpel to cut or remove soft tissue, laser therapy eliminates the need for cutting or stitches. Our laser can be used to remove diseased gum tissue, disrupt plaque and tarter accumulations from the roots of the teeth, and even reshape the gumline. The laser is calibrated with precision to target only the affected tissues without harming the surrounding healthy tissue.

During surgical procedures, lasers help to eliminate bacteria and promote more rapid healing of the soft tissue. In fact, lasers produce such complete healing that there is very little post-operative bleeding or discomfort.

To provide you with a virtually pain free experience, we will numb the surgical location with local anesthetics. If you prefer to be “asleep” during the procedure, we will be happy to discuss your options for sedation dentistry.

Your Oral Health Impacts Your Overall Wellness

Emerging evidence points to a link between the health of the gums and a patient’s overall wellness. Not only can gum disease destroy the gums, bone, and teeth—it can also wreak havoc on your overall bodily functions. We aim to aid you in conquering gum disease and protect your oral health in order to reduce your risk for heart disease, chronic respiratory illness, or a stroke. With the latest laser technology we are able to detect and treat the earliest stages of gum disease, as well as provide non-surgical care for patients with more advanced forms of gum disease.

Your Laser Therapy Consultation

Today is the day that you can make plans to combat gum disease and finally improve your oral health. Contact our office today to learn more about laser periodontal therapy.