Ridge Augmentation Grafting

When there has been significant loss of the volume of bone in a desirable area for implant placement, your surgeon may recommend a ridge augmentation procedure. This procedure rebuilds the “lost bone” which is necessary to proceed with implant placement. Ridge augmentation may be performed at the same time as implants are placed, or may be necessary as a preliminary surgery to graft sufficient bone before the implant surgery.

Types of Ridge Augmentation

As in other grafting procedures outlined, there are several types of bone graft materials available. The particular type that is most appropriate for you and your specific anatomic requirements should be reviewed and discussed with your surgeon. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of the various types of materials, but they all act to promote growth of your own bone. Healing of ridge augmentation sites may take up to six months. If you are wearing a removable prosthesis (denture) in the area of the graft, it may be necessary to refrain from wearing this appliance for several weeks following surgery.