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1 November 2022
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Many tools in the dentist’s office are for maintaining the oral health of the patients. It can feel intimidating going to a dentist’s office especially when you see the tools there. The tools are mainly for cleaning procedures, plaque removal in gums and teeth.


This is a tool used to help you open your mouth wide and enable the dentist to see what they are doing in your mouth. The jaws are relaxed and this is done without closing them fully. If the dentist does not have this tool they will keep asking you to open the mouth and this can be tiring. The dentist will look inside the mouth and illuminate using a flashlight.

Saliva Ejector

This is a tool that holds all the saliva from the tongue, cheeks, and teeth and sucks it up in the mouth. This will help to work without a mouth full of saliva.


The scaler is a scraper that takes away the plaque and tartar that stick in between the teeth. A scaler is a sharp object that at most times makes patients feel intimidated. Patients with gingivitis face the scaler a lot for the dentist will remove plaque using a scaler and this might hurt a little. If there is a more advanced form of gum disease like periodontitis the dentist will use anesthesia while removing plaque and tartar from the gums.


A probe is a tool that looks like a scaler and performs lost similar tasks, it looks for gum disease in the gums. Our dental team will use all necessary tools to ensure that you have optimal oral health.