The sinus lift is generally performed on the area of the mouth between the molar and premolars. It is necessary when there is a need for more bone mass. With a high degree of success, this procedure is generally coupled with dental implant placement at Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston. Our periodontists help patients in Houston restore their smiles through sinus lift surgery.

The process includes adjusting the sinus membranes into a new position allowing adequate space for grafts to occur. When an additional bone mass is needed, this is the perfect operation. It is simple and the patients are very satisfied with the results. Contact us now at Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston to find out more about this procedure to see if it is something needed.

Who Needs A Sinus Lift?

While the need for bone mass might be in existence for years, there is no need to get it corrected until the need for dental implants becomes necessary. At that time, the limited bone structure found between the sinuses and upper jawbone dictates intervention. This procedure will help to add the necessary bone mass so the implants can be placed successfully.

When resorption or general deterioration occurs in the jawbone due to tooth loss, it is necessary to build it up so it will be strong enough to support the implants embedded into the bone. Genetics can play a part in how much bone mass and how much space exists between the sinus cavity and the jawbone. An analysis will be made prior to recommending this procedure. Every patient’s case is different and each situation new. Our evaluation and treatment plan will be catered to each patient’s needs at the time.

What Happens In A Sinus Lift?

There are multiple sources for bone grafting material when it pertains to this procedure. There are certain requirements for the material harvested. Most important, however, is whether it can fuse correctly with the patient’s current jawbone. If it cannot, then this procedure will be a failure. Usually, this bone grafting material is taken from a section of the healthy jawbone in the patient or from the chin area. Though it may sound odd, equine bones have also been used because they’ve been found to be far stronger than human bone.

Our office staff can determine the best site not only for harvesting the grafting material but also where to place it by using x-rays. Once determined, the site is exposed by cutting into the gum tissue to expose the bone. Holes are drilled into the bone allowing the sinus cavity to be accessed. The small amount of grafting material is drawn into the sinuses and allowed to adhere to existing tissue. Once this part of the procedure is completed, the incisions are closed with sutures, so the existing bone structure is covered.

Though it might be tough for some patients after the procedure, it is important to note that patients should avoid blowing their nose as this might loosen the grafting material. To completely heal, it might take up to twelve months. Come see us at Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston. Use our online form or call (713) 785-9599 now with questions.

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