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There are times when the patient’s body is unable to heal properly following dental procedures. New technology has given dentist numerous procedures available to help the patient with tooth loss and healing from the procedure. One such procedure available to the Houston community is ridge augmentation. It helps to maintain the proper contour of the oral cavity. If you have had oral surgery in the past and are unhappy with the results, contact us at Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston to find out what can be done.

Do I Need A Ridge Augmentation?

With tooth loss, the patient’s jawline and gumline can be impacted causing discomfort in eating, drinking and preforming daily activities. If there is no opposing pressure to the jaw, bone can begin to deteriorate which can, in turn, alter their appearance to a startling degree. The ridge augmentation can maintain not only their gumline but their jawline as well.

Following a tooth extraction, the tooth socket is more than able to heal itself without any intervening procedures necessary to aid in healing. In some cases, the bone begins to deteriorate around the extraction site because there is no pressure to keep the jawbone strong. In those cases, a ridge augmentation is recommended to help strengthen those structures.

A ridge augmentation is not always needed for medical reasons but is sometimes warranted to maintain the patient’s appearance. When there are multiple teeth missing, the lips and cheeks may sag because there is nothing to support them. The augmentation procedure can normalize these damaged structures to give the lips and cheeks the support necessary for the patient’s appearance.

Ridge Augmentation Procedure

Harvested bone material is needed to perform a ridge augmentation. This material is then applied to the empty socket allowing it to bond. While the harvesting of bone material does not necessarily have to happen immediately following the tooth extraction it is recommended. The longer the time between extraction and augmentation of bone material the more likely additional procedures may be necessary.

Typically, an incision is made to expose the underlying bone. The harvested material is placed directly onto the jawbone. Once the material is properly set in place, it is sutured into place, so it does not shift during healing. The incision is then closed to allow for healing.

Sometimes, in order to keep the remaining natural teeth from encroaching on the empty socket, a small device may be put into place to allow for proper healing of the extraction site. Once the healing has completed, the dental implant placement can continue.

Ridge augmentation is necessary to give strength to the underlying structure, this can be due to gum disease, bone mass loss, or simply for aesthetic purposes. Once the augmentation procedure is completed, it makes it simpler to place dental implants or other appliances. There are many occasions where this surgical procedure can provide benefits.

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