Many patients struggle with what to do when they begin to lose their teeth. Whether from decay or professional tooth extraction, tooth loss can affect more than just the removed teeth. It can affect the soft tissue of the tooth socket as well as the bone beneath. The loss of teeth can erode without the proper biting pressure that occurs during natural chewing. It can also impact the outward appearance of the patient’s face because, without the underlying supporting structure of teeth, cheeks can sag, drastically altering the way a patient looks. Without worrying about changing appearance and other dental complications, patients in Houston, TX should consider partial or full dentures. Custom-made dentures can be designed to fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth, replacing the missing teeth. If you would like to discuss either partial or full dentures, come see us at Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston.

Denture Types

There are two types of dentures, a partial and a full denture. A partial denture is designed for those patients who have lost a few teeth. Partial dentures are generally held in place with rests or claps fastened to wither existing teeth or dental implants. Those manufactured with an underlying metallic framework will last longer.

Full dentures are for those patients missing all of their teeth and can be tinted to match the existing tooth and gum tissue. They are designed to help create a seal to hold them in place. However, they can also be attached to dental implants.

Making Dentures

To create the dentures, impressions are taken of the patient’s oral cavity and molds are made. These are then sent to the manufacturer to have the dentures made to the specific measurements of the patient’s teeth structure. By fitting properly, this ensures the patient’s bite motion will not be affected.

During the waiting period, temporary dentures can be procured so the patient will not have to suffer from missing teeth. It will not fit the exact specifications, but thankfully the waiting period for dentures is typically less than two weeks.

Patients and Dentures

When dentures are finally placed, it may take some patients time to get used to how they feel in their mouths. It can rub in some areas and make gums sore because the pressure is different than with natural teeth. In follow-up visits, our staff can adjust and reshape the dentures to make sure those sore spots do not turn into an infection.

All patients should eat a soft diet directly following denture placement. Over the first few weeks, solid food can be eaten again. It is important to chew carefully to get used to the biting motion of the newly placed dentures.

It is important dentures are cleaned and carefully taken care of. With tooth loss, there is always the potential for speech problems and difficulty in chewing. Those symptoms can easily be alleviated with the use of either partial or full dentures placed in the patient’s mouth.

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