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When patients have teeth extracted, the existing space becomes an issue to the rest of their mouth. No matter how strong or healthy, the remaining natural teeth will always attempt to shift and fill the space. This tendency can create misalignment issues and jaw pain. The tooth socket graft we offer in Houston, TX helps keep the space and hold the teeth properly, stopping bone resorption. Often, a patient’s teeth will remain in their correct place without intervention, but sometimes, it is necessary to perform this procedure. Our office at Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston can give you all the information necessary so you can make the necessary decision.

Reasons For A Tooth Socket Graft

Sometimes implants are used to maintain the proper spacing along the jawline, so the teeth stay in place. This closes the open socket space and can assure proper jaw and teeth alignment. The socket graft is used to ensure the open socket heals around the implant.

Ideal Uses Of Tooth Socket Graft

In some instances, the tooth socket graft is step one in a multi-step restorative procedure. It is common to be used in dental implants, dental bridges, and denture placements. Tooth socket grafts are important in maintaining the correct space after any procedure.

Dental Implants

When dental implants are considered, it is necessary for the patient to have the correct amount of supportive jawbone structure. In those cases where the patient suffers from diminished bone mass, the socket graft can be used to build this up. Once the graft is performed, it will help ensure there is enough bone to correctly fuse with the applied implant.

Placement Of A Dental Bridge

Dental bridges can be used when there is too much space at the jawline between the placed crown and bone. This is used to combat excessive gum recession which can allow for advanced decay. It is important to shrink the space between the crown and bone to not only provide supportive structure but to cut down on the possibility of infection.

Denture Placement

When considering denture placement, the gumline is vital. It needs to be healthy and strong in order to support the denture. Tooth socket grafts can help to smooth out the gumline so the placement of the denture will be successful. Grafts have also been known to improve overall healing following a surgical procedure.

Option For No Implants

Though it is not recommended, in some cases, the patient may opt to not have any dental appliance put into place to hold the space. For some patients, it might be a strictly financial decision. It is still important to hold the space open and not have the teeth shift. Even if the tooth socket graft isn’t used to prepare for a dental appliance placement, it helps to slow bone deterioration and keep the remaining teeth in their natural place.

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