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19 February 2024
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If you’re contemplating dental implants and concerned about the impact of gum disease, the good news is that it doesn’t automatically disqualify you. However, addressing and controlling gum disease is crucial before proceeding with dental implants.

Why Control Gum Disease Before Getting Dental Implants?

Research indicates that 95% of dental implants last over 30 years. Despite this, controlling gum disease is imperative because it is the primary culprit behind dental implant failures. The bacteria responsible for gingivitis and periodontitis can infiltrate the implant site, causing peri-implantitis, which targets the bone supporting the dental implant. When left untreated, peri-implantitis can result in the loosening and eventual loss of the newly placed dental implant.

A 20-year study comparing patients with healthy gums to those with gum disease yielded insightful findings:

  • Patients with gum disease and proper periodontal care faced no significantly higher odds of complications or dental implant loss.
  • Patients with gum disease but noncompliant maintenance exhibited a higher risk of complications and dental implant loss.

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How Can You Control Gum Disease?

Whether you’re eyeing a single-tooth implant or multiple dental implants and have been diagnosed with gum disease, actively treating and managing the condition is paramount for the success of dental implants. Professional periodontal therapy, including procedures like scaling and root planing and ongoing maintenance, is a vital part of the treatment. A foundation of healthy gum tissue is essential to provide stability for your dental implants, ensuring their longevity.

At Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston, our experienced doctors specialize in both gum disease treatment and dental implant placement. They can orchestrate a comprehensive care plan, ensuring your gums are in optimal health and ready for the implant procedure. Your dedication to gum care will play a pivotal role in achieving a healthy and beautiful smile with the help of dental implants.

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