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1 November 2022
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If you are scheduled to receive dental implants and a dentist recommends that you also get a bone grafting treatment, you need to know what to expect from the two procedures. A bone grafting precedes an implant placement and is usually recommended if there is a lack of sufficient bone for the safe installation of implants.

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Which One Is More Painful?

Bone grafting is fairly a quick procedure compared to dental implant installation. Getting dental implants is considered relatively comfortable. Many patients will only require a local anesthetic to ensure they stay comfortable. But some may prefer to undergo sedation. Before the implant procedure, a dental specialist discusses what to expect so that you plan yourself accordingly.

A bone graft is likely to cause slightly more irritation compared to an implant based on the location of the bone grafting therapy. If, for instance, a sinus lift is to be performed within the upper jaw, it usually takes longer for the area of the bone graft to heal than the dental implant does. However, if bone grafting is being done immediately following extraction of a tooth or before a straightforward implant treatment, there may not be anything more other than minor irritation within the gum tissue. It is best to have soft foods during the time the new bone is integrating into the neighboring teeth.

Regardless of whether you are receiving dental implants alone or there are preliminary surgical treatments like sinus lifts or other bone grafting procedures, you should not worry much about the pain. Our periodontist will do everything possible to see that you are comfortable during and after the procedures. Contact us to learn more about implant and bone grafting treatment and what you should expect. We will answer your questions regarding the same and ensure you understand what these procedures entail.

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