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1 November 2022
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We can do some miraculous things with dental bonding. The resin can be used to fill in cracks and chips on front teeth. However, we do not recommend it for teeth that are farther back in the mouth. In these cases, it may be better to get an onlay or inlay or to cover the tooth with a crown.

Where You Can Use Bonding

Normally, the resin used for bonding is applied to the front teeth because the material will not stand up to chewing or biting with any force. For chipped teeth farther back in the mouth, it is better to place an inlay or onlay or to use a crown. We recommend a strong restoration because you regularly use the molars or teeth further back for chewing foods.

Why Bonding Is Ideal For The Front Teeth

Bonding is a more fragile restoration. Therefore, it normally works out the best when applied to the front teeth. You do not regularly use the front teeth for chewing foods or to the same degree as the back teeth. That is why bonding is prescribed for use on the front teeth. If you wish to cover a chip with a more permanent solution, you might consider porcelain veneers, as they can last several decades. Bonding typically will last about ten years.

How Bonding Is Applied

When we bond a tooth, we use a conditioning gel to attach the bonding material before curing the resin with a special light. After applying the light, we work carefully to mold and shape the resin, so it looks just like a natural tooth. Afterward, we finish up by polishing the tooth.

If you would like to know more about using bonding to fix a chipped front tooth, we can answer your questions. Contact our office today to schedule a time for an exam and consultation. We know that bonding will make you feel like smiling.