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Bone Regeneration
Houston, TX

A smiling woman with white hair touching her cheek after bone regeneration at Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston.In some cases, patients can get infections in their jawbones, which is concerning. The jawbone not only holds teeth in place, but it also provides the underlying structure of our facial appearance. Other issues can occur too whether by trauma, tooth extraction, or even periodontal disease. In many cases, those situations can cause bone loss which weakens the supportive structure for the patient’s teeth. Providing a foundation for implants, bone regeneration is the process by which bone mass is added to the existing structure. It is generally under anesthesia. Get in touch with us at Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston to find out the details.

Loss of Bone Mass

There can be multiple reasons for the loss of bone mass. When there is tooth loss, whether just a single tooth or across multiple teeth, the empty spaces no longer have natural pressure while chewing which in turn does not stimulate the jawbone to maintain its resilience. Oral infection caused by bacteria can also lead to loss of bone material. It is important to stop the infection from reaching the jawbone.

Bone Regeneration

The dental procedure of bone regeneration stimulates growth by placing bone grafting material on the site that requires new growth. When the graft bonds with the existing bone structure then other procedures can begin such as crown placement or dental implants. The grafted bone is typically harvested from different locations on the body like the ribs, hip, or pelvis.

Anesthesia ensures patients are comfortable while the procedure is performed. To start, an incision is made to expose the bone. Any infection will be removed to ensure a clean site to apply the bone graft. We will also clean the site and make sure no bacteria remain. Following cleaning and preparing the site, the grafting material is placed directly onto the bone before the gums are stitched together over the graft. This is to make sure healing and bone growth can begin to rebuild bone growth.

Is Bone Regeneration Necessary?

Bone loss can cause many different problems for the oral cavity. If left unchecked, bone loss can reach an alarming level with disastrous results. When bone regeneration is used, it helps to preserve the underlying supportive bone structure necessary to maintain the face’s outward appearance as well as to hold restorative dental appliances in place.

When a patient needs to have an implant and has significant bone loss, then bone regeneration may be the only answer. Because implants are drilled directly into the jawbone, if there is not enough structure to support them, then the procedure cannot be done. By utilizing the bone regeneration procedure, lost bone mass can be regained, and the procedure can then begin.

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For those patients who have experienced trauma to their mouth or had extensive tooth decay or tooth loss and are in need of bone regeneration procedures to help rebuild lost bone structure. Contact us to talk over your options at Periodontal and Implant Surgeons of Houston. We will be glad to answer all of your questions or alleviate any of your uneasiness about it. Our phone number is 713-785-9599. So, give us a call so we can begin your treatment.

Looking forward to giving you a healthy and happy smile!

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