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1 November 2022
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A perioscopy is a procedure that can be used to get an appropriate and enhanced view of the periodontal pockets or the spaces between the teeth and gums. A dental endoscope is used, which is a small fiber-optic camera, to allow for a 45x magnified and illuminated view of the gum tissue and root surfaces. A perioscopy may be used in conjunction with traditional scaling and root planing therapy in order to enhance nonsurgical periodontal procedures.

When Do You Need One?

A perioscopy can be used with scaling and root planning therapy, maintenance cleanings, and when treating failing dental implants. When a perioscopy is used, our periodontists can visualize plaque deposits and tartar from the tooth roots, making it great for gum disease treatment. Bleeding gums, bad breath, signs of gum disease, or other issues concerning the gum may be better treated using a perioscopy.

Benefits Of A Perioscopy

A perioscopy is minimally invasive, allowing it to be a great addition to nonsurgical and non-invasive treatments. There is almost no post-treatment downtime, and it helps improve overall periodontal health. In a lot of cases, a perioscopy reduces the need for additional treatments, including gum surgery, and it does not involve incisions or sutures. Ultimately it can be an alternative to more costly surgical care.

A perioscopy can be used for many different reasons, and it is a great alternative or addition to other types of treatment or maintenance efforts. You may be a candidate for a perioscopy if you have signs of gum disease, existing gum disease, or any other gum or root issues or concerns. If you would like to consider or ask questions about a perioscopy, please call our office, and our periodontists can help identify the best course of treatment or maintenance.