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1 November 2022
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Proper dental hygiene habits involve what you eat. The foods that you take determine a lot how your optimum oral health will be. There are foods that you ought to avoid so that you maintain your oral wellness and there are foods that you need to include in your diet for optimum oral health. Make the dentist your friend by maintaining regular dental visits.

Avoid Sugary Foods

The body may feel compelled to consume sugar at times. Avoid sweets to keep the damage to your teeth to a minimum so you don’t have to deal with tooth decay or even tooth loss. Consult the dentist for assistance in identifying sugars that are not harmful to your teeth, particularly those found in natural foods such as fruits. To maintain your dental health, choose sugar-free equivalents such as natural yogurt and sugar-free products.

Avoid Acidic Foods

Acid attacks our teeth, weakening the enamel and leaving them more vulnerable to harm. Enamel weakens when in exposure to acidic foods or drinks. The enamel is a protective layer that protects the dentin inside the teeth. When the dentin of a tooth is exposed, it produces sensitivity and pain. Protect your dental enamel by avoiding acidic foods and drinks. Foods that have acid that can damage our teeth include foods like soda, sports drinks, and citric fruits. Fruits such as lemon, oranges contain citric acid which can be harmful to our teeth. However, it is difficult to avoid acidic fruits since they have other nutritional value to our bodies. Consume these fruits during meals only to minimize the harm caused by the citric acid. The dentist will guide you on what foods to eat for healthy teeth.