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1 November 2022
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A gum graft is an oral procedure that helps fix the effects of gum recession. If your gums are showing any signs of recession, it is time to get a gum graft. This reliable procedure helps restore your gums and keep them in good condition. It also helps prevent cases of gum recession from occurring again. What are some of the signs that show you need a gum graft? Here are some of these signs.

Sensitive Tooth Roots

If you don’t treat your receding gums, they might continue with that process and lead to the exposure of your roots. Given that the nerves are found inside the tooth root, you will experience pain and sensitivity. This is more likely to be the case when you drink cold or hot beverages. If you ignore the condition, it will advance and result in oral infections. Therefore, when you notice uncomfortable sensations inside the tooth root, it could be a sign that you need a gum graft.

Significant Impact On Smile

Your smile is one of the most precious features you have. Your teeth and gums play an essential role in shaping your smile. Therefore, when something happens to them, your smile is significantly impacted. This can adversely affect your self-confidence. If you develop receding gums and start doubting your self-image and confidence, you might need a gum graft. This procedure helps restore the shape of your gums and smile at large. You will be able to smile freely and regain your confidence. Therefore, always go for a gum graft if you notice receding gums! Our dentists will do a good job in shaping them and making them attractive. The surgery will also make it easy for you to chew food and enjoy drinks. Contact us for more information on gum grafts and their importance.